How to get motivated to exercise?

Question by holly ♥s ice: How to get motivated to exercise?
I HATE exercising, but i know i need to exercise more than I have been, so how do i get motivated? (:
I don’t have a tredmill either, but i jump rope and walk some times.

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Answer by Sha T
Get a exercise buddy, then you 2 can motivate each other!

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Good cardio exercises?

Question by J-ho: Good cardio exercises?
what are some good cardio exercises or any exercises that burn calories? things i can do at home

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Answer by kyant
here’s 2 article on cardio -

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what is cardio exercises?

Question by Keiran: what is cardio exercises?
someone told me i need to do more cardio exercises and i dont know what that is.

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Answer by bubbly
any type of exercise that gets you moving. (but its not strength training, like lifting weights)

cardiovascular exercise works out every part of your body (or at least most of it).

so like jogging, biking, walking, any type of sports, roller blading, etc etc.

good luck!

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bodyweight exercises?

Question by Roger: bodyweight exercises?
What are the best bodyweight exercises?

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Answer by Nick
Compound exercises which you can easily progress and make more difficult (known as bodyweight progressions) are probably the best for most purposes.
Have a look at this list of exercise progressions:

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