is an exercise bike a good exercise?

Question by : is an exercise bike a good exercise?
Im trying to gain muscle all over and im face is so thin i lost my face exercise bike help me gain muscle all over and plus i half to eat proteain.will it work.

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Answer by Carlos Rodrigez
NO they call it an excercise bike is called that because it excersise its right to be useless liek mexicans, and sit in the corner when u watch tv

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Exercises to reduce Love Handles !?

Question by Ashly L: Exercises to reduce Love Handles !?
I want these things gone !
Can anyone give me any exercises or youtube videos or something that works effectively?

I also have an exercise ball if that will help.

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Answer by Ann P
great exercise to lose love handles is torso twists. The abdominals are composed of 3 layers of muscles which slide over each other, torso twists help tone the transverse abdominis muscle tightening the love handles. While standing firmly with feet shoulder width apart, the torso twists gently to the left side then to the right while at the same time trying to limit the movement from the hips. During the movements the torso should always remain upright, there should be no bending involved. Care should also be taken not to twist too far as its easy to pull a muscle when exercising the love handles!

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